Hybrid Cars

HybridHybrid Car is a hi-tech economy vehicle, which is not operated by an internal combustion engine, but a brand new complex system, supported by an electromotor, powered by fuel or charge from an electrical battery.

The most important hybrid advantages are low fuel consumption and reductive gas emission to atmosphere. Such achievement has become possible due to a full automatic management of engine systems with a use of an onboard computer. A computer operates and controls all systems: engine, brakes, accumulator battery, recuperatiom mechanism and electric power supply.

Hybrid cars operate on the principle of an electromobile, producing energy for its own functioning. However, hybrids can be considered as modified electromobiles due to supplementation by a light and capacious accumulator battery.

The most valuable advantage at this point is economy exploitation. Hybrid operation systems have been technically advanced, but common useful characteristics of regular vehicles have been also kept, such as capacity, speed, durability, sustainability and so on. In addition, hybrid cars are able to accumulate power by saving motional energy.

Another remarkable advantage of hybrid cars is time saving: drivers do not need to tank up that often. In contrast to electromobiles, hybrid vehicles do not require much time to get supplied: fueling is performed as usual, using hydrocarbon fuel. Low consumption of hydrocarbon fuel has a great impact on ecological cleanness and a problem of technical waste utilization.  We also deal in car lease in Dubai with the help of Speedy Drive Car Rental. They have more than 1200+ cars for lease on a monthly and yearly basis.