BiofuelGreen Auto offers a rental service of environmental friendly vehicles. There are a few fuel categories, which can be used by our customers in order to supply a chosen car.


Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen has been considered as the most suitable alternative to traditional fuel types for decades. As a rule, developed vehicle modifications offer optional use of hydrogen fuel, which can be substituted by petrol or diesel at any time, even during the same trip. The latest models provide an automatic function of switching over from one fuel type to alternative, monitored by optimization system. Liquid hydrogen processing doesn't produce harmful secondary products and emissions.


Vegetable-Based Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a modification of eco-fuel based on vegetable oil. As a rule, sunflower, soy and rapeseed oils are used for biodiesel production. Diesel oils are generated from fatty acid esters and glycerin. Chemical secondary products of such procedures are methanol and ethanol, which are the key biodiesel components. Such fuel doesn't contain sulfur and is exposed to full biological degradation.


Food-Waste Based Biodiesel

Food-waste based fuel is a biodiesel category, produced with a use of animal-origin materials. Biodiesel made from fatty waste is an experimental technology, used by just a few countries. Comparing to petrol, fat-based diesel production doesn't exhaust sulfur oxides, the main reason of acid rains. It also reduces an amount of harmful gas emission and other kinds of poisonous pollution.