Electric Cars

Electric carsElectric cars represent a brand new direction of technical engineering, offering a wide functional range, similar to traditional car modifications.

Expenses reduction is a key advantage of such vehicles: it is a great way to save on fuel consumption. Petrol cost increases constantly, but pricing rates on electricity are not comparable to traditional fuel value.

Environmental pollution problem can be partially solved by an introduction of electric cars to everyday use. An operating engine does not produce harmful emissions or substances. However, an electricity resource needs to be also environmental friendly: they should be produced from renewable energy resources.

Low noise level is another pleasant characteristic of electric cars, as their engines are able to provide smooth and quite speeding up with capacious acceleration.

Safety is a priority for every driver and passenger. Eletrocars provide a high safety level and get tested according to generally accepted procedures. For instance, in case of an accident, crash sensors will turn off operating accumulators, air bags will be activated and a vehicle will be stopped. A developed safety approach effectively reduces possibility of traumas and major injuries. Today Green Auto is ready to offer electric cars rental at affordable rates, due to the growing popularity of this market segment and low cost of servicing. Increasing competition in this field allows us to offer the most stylish and representative modifications.