It’s often a lot more convenient to rent a car from a company that is based a the airport. After all, when you touch down at the airport, the rental cars will be readily available for use. Car rental New Orleans airport - and most major American airports offer a plethora of options to its visitors. At rental agencies that are attached to major airports, the available cars are often newer, and this can be more appealing for travelers. However, on average, it is more expensive to hire a car from a rental company that is tied to an airport. Are you willing to pay more for the convenience and the likelihood of a more modern vehicle? Most people will prefer the option of hiring a car at the airport itself if the prices are reasonable.Rent a Car from a Company

Look for Companies Having a Sale

Do your research before your trip. And be prepared to shop around for a bargain. There are many car rental companies out there and they are all competing for your business. Check to see if any specials are aligned to specific times and dates of the year. If you’re planning on a trip to New Orleans, there are quite often sales going around the time of events like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Pick a Company Close to the Airport

How close is the rental agency for your airport? You may have picked a company that provides you with pick-ups to and from the airport, but you need to aware of any additional costs that could be levied from you. Further, the company is located from the airport, the higher the pick-up and drop-up costs are likely to be. You may opt for a taxi service to the car rental agency if that is going to be cheaper – although this is unlikely to be the case. Many companies that are near the airport can also provide pick-ups and drop-off services at no extra cost.

Car Rental near Airports

Compare Airport Rentals to Off-Airport Rental Agencies

Airport car rentals provide travelers with an added component of convenience. All the cars are waiting for you when you touch down, and there is no need to arrange transport to an external rental agency. However, the costs between airport rental companies and an off-airport rental agency may significantly differ. First, you need to determine the type of car that you would like. If it’s purely something to get you from A to B, then there’s probably an off-airport rental agency that can provide you with a more modest, cheaper alternative.

Weigh Up Savings vs. Convenience

Are you simply after the cheapest possible rate? Perhaps you don’t mind paying a little extra and having everything sorted in advance? While you might save money, choosing a smaller car rental agency, located away from the airport, their vehicles may be in poor condition. There is also the issue of transport to and from the car rental agency. You could end up paying more overall if your costs to and from the rental location are high.