Renting an automobile in Dubai is becoming a big industry lately. Its been seen that individuals generally prefer to rent an automobile in Dubai rather than buying as they find the benefits associated with enjoying improved and new types of cars.

Recently Euro Screen held a study on car local rental industry in UAE predicated on figures from time 2008 to time 2013. The survey expected that by this season in 2015 the automobile leasing market will reach the physique of AED 880 thousand and thousands. And 80% of these will be utilized as rent an automobile in Dubai.

What to Know Before Booking an automobile in Dubai

Because of the increasing craze of renting an automobile in Dubai increasingly more companies are buying car rentals business in Dubai. But before hiring an automobile in Dubai it is vital to know the overall UAE driving regulations. Also, you need to know the general coverage that almost all of the companies establish for car rental in Dubai - Speedy Drive offers great packages.

Below are a few regulations generally made available from car local rental companies in Dubai. You need to know them before hiring usually you can enter trouble or incomparable the huge charge.

1. Not Allowed to use Outside Emirates

Car in rent from DubaiThe rented vehicle is prohibited to be motivated beyond your UAE. It really is strictly prohibited to adopt rented car while crossing the boundary.

2. Reliable Insurance Policy

Lost or any harm to the vehicle will never be covered in insurance coverage.

3. Charges and Security Debris Ought to be Paid beforehand

Most of local rental companies gets the insurance plan that you should pay charges and security first deposit for the automobile in advance. It really is a good idea to pay the progress through check or CREDIT-BASED CARD.

4. Registered Driving a car License

Drivers should own registered driving certificate. In the event that you own International Travelling Certificate or have Traveling License from respected countries, You don't have to get UAE generating license to operate a vehicle on UAE streets.

5. Minimum Age group Limit

The age of the driver should be 25 years minimum.


Renting an automobile in DubaiIn case there is mishap the renter must inform the authorities. If the automobile gets damaged within an accident the local rental company may ask you for for losing even though if it had not been your problem. Also If the car fails properly or reduces, you must contact the business immediately otherwise they could ask you for the destruction.

7. Traffic Fine Policy

If the drivers was incurred with some traffic fine, the business will restore it from security first deposit.

8. Additional Facilities

Charges are requested facilities like drivers, navigation system etc.

9. Read Company Plan Clearly

Like all over the place on earth you should browse the company's policy evidently before renting an automobile in Dubai. The majority of popular companies have their websites. Proceed through their different plans. Have a look at company's daily or each week rates for different car models.

10. Read Company Conditions and terms Carefully

Often people don't browse the conditions and conditions carefully and it brings them a lot of troubles. Know the guidelines, policies and conditions & conditions to be on the safe part.