Motocross is the racing of bikes across the country, it is a sport which is liked by adventurous people and is popular in the places where there are big open areas for making laps for racing.

This sport is for fearless people who like to live on the edge. It is an off-road racing which is held in vast lands away from the urban population. Motocross involves bikes which are sturdy pieces of equipment and are used to race on plains across the fields with sand hills, sharp cuts, and other obstacles. Riders are bound to wear all necessary safety equipment before starting the race.

Origin of Motocross:

Motocross RacingMotocross first started in the United Kingdom when in the 20th-century motorcycles started becoming popular. People used to race on bikes on muddy and bumpy track.

In the beginning bikes were quite expensive, however, as they became cheap and reasonable in price, more people started buying bikes and became obsessed with them. The word spread fast and the game became popular worldwide, known as “motocross racing”.

The racing originally involves a lot of rough jumps, sharp cuts, bumps and turns which makes it so challenging, but whoever crosses the finish line first, wins-as simple as that. In the beginning, it was known as an outdoor racing sport. However, in 1972, USA held motocross race inside a stadium and gave it the name of ‘Supercross’.

The motocross is all about passion, skill and adrenaline. Although the speed is not extremely high, but for a race on the jumpy terrain plains, it seems quite high. It gives the participants a sense of excitement and feeling of flying. It is like living on the edge.

EndurobikesSince the popularity of Motocross, many countries are now famous for this ‘exciting racing game’ like UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Finland and Saudi Arabia. However, this game requires a certain type of training without which you can endanger your life.

Specifically, in Dubai where there is a lot of space for motocross racing, there are training centers which provide you with training for all types of bikes like dirt bikes, endure, off-road biking, etc. People trying their luck for the first time in this racing sport are also given motocross lessons Dubai.

Dubai has a variety of deserts which is a plus point for people who like all sorts of racing. The deserts of Dubai are famous for soft sand, plains, dunes and large acres of land. There are many agencies in the United Arab Emirates that are licensed in providing training and courses especially for ‘motocross racing’. These companies target people who are eager to get out and enjoy their lives by adding thrill, and high-octane stuff like the motocross adventure.