Are you in Dubai thinking, how can I get the right car for a bargain? Forget buying used cars; you can drive a new car for a fraction of its market value. And the best part is, you can pay for it in monthly installments. This kind of arrangement comes with several benefits. First, you will not have to pay any tax for the car, none at all. The vehicle’s excise duty has been added to your monthly payment, and if you agree to it, then it means you can quickly pay for it. So, let's get into the monthly payments and how you go about choosing a car for your specific needs. Car leasing in Dubai has never been easier.

Leasing A Car

How Do Monthly Payments Work?

The total lease amount is broken down into an initial rental, and the remaining amount is subdivided into monthly premiums, paid throughout the lease. Most people confuse the initial payment for a deposit. But it's not; it's the initial lump sum payment you make to decrease your monthly payment rate (you won't get a refund). The more miles you do, the higher the price gets because the value of the car depreciates.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Costs are not a part of the lease, but it can be if you prefer it. And there are several reasons why most people prefer it. First, you will not pay a single penny for repairs (including wear and tear), servicing, and tires. You'll not have to pay for labor too. This arrangement is better because you will still have to undertake maintenance of the car as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Click here for some affordable cars for lease.

Insurance Costs

Insurance Costs

Insurance is by far the most significant cost a motorist, whether buying or leasing, is likely to incur. You will have to pay for your leased car insurance, so you need to make sure you are smart about it. Avoid taking up luxury models if you know you can't afford insurance. As cheap as the rental price may be, the insurance company will value the protection against the value of the car.

You Can Get an Already Insured Car

It's possible. You have the opportunity to make fuel your only car expense. You can leave everything, including maintenance, servicing, tire replacement, and insurance done for you. It will, however, mean an additional charge, which is worth it if you take into consideration the stress it saves you. Several other perks come when leasing a car.