With all those lessons you have learned in swimming pool classes, it sounds easy to stay fit under water and you feel like you can easily go on a cruise and stay healthy, tight? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you are wrong. Various people who have spent several years working in a ship state that it is hard to deal with the sickness. Whereas you are going to enjoy the trip and don't want to bend over to infiltrate the Arabian waters with unwanted stuff coming out of your stomach.

Yachts cruise in Dubai

It is reported that when people go out cruising for fun, they eat like they are trying to compete for someone and drink as if they are thirsty for years.

It is hard to feel great, keep your waistline in check, have fun and come back healthy after a yacht cruise in Dubai has created a list to stay well and enjoy the trip for everyone who loves the sea.

Go Easy on Appetizers

There is an all-you-can-eat menu, but don't flatter yourself. Hold your hands over appetizers, mini burger, and small sliced pizza. It is not a food sea of choices. You may have the buffet for breakfast and lunch but don't forget that you were trying hard to keep your weight in check. Take smaller bites and don't eat the whole if you want to taste them all. It can help you in portion control. You can also do the mind trick. Take a small plate in your hand which looks full even with little food. That's how you can tell yourself that you have already eaten 3 plates.

Keep a Check by Rating Yourself

Another successful way to keep a portion control while you are on yacht cruise in Dubai is to serve yourself with selective food. Think like a kid. Don’t let all the food touch each other on your plate. Whenever you take a bite at a fattening, start criticizing yourself like a judge in a content who is using a scale of 1-10. Just finish the food which is 10 and takes a bite on other.

Tips to stay healthy

Listen to Your Stomach

He is your partner in crime. Be sure to keep checking how do you feel. Stop when you are half way full. If the serving is large use the knife to mark the danger zone. Ask your server to remove the folk and plates so that you don’t feel to take another round.

Workout in the Evening

There are varieties of options to jump around, dance or jump around to digest all you have eaten.