Yachts are being used for all sorts of occasions today, which has given the industry a much-needed boost.

There is a huge variety in terms of which yacht you can charter, and also a great deal of flexibility in terms of what purpose you can use it for.

While the most popular use of a yacht is to hire it and then use it for a cruise, new ways to enjoy this kind of vessel include hosting parties and corporate events, taking a barebones charter, and also racing and competition.

Yacht Hire

In this article, we give you information about yacht hire in Dubai, for expeditions and adventures.

Yachts Used In Expedition Charter

Luxury yachts come in several different kinds of looks and amenities. They range from those with five decks. Huge in size and fully stocked with technology and facilities, they are designed to look amazing during parties.

Then there are racing boats, which are compact and light, with very sleek and streamlined bodies.

Yachts used for expeditions are usually icebreakers. They are big but usually look a little old and tough.

This is because they have to be solid and durable enough to take people far ahead of the marinas and harbors.

They have big ice-breaking hulls and carry a rugged overall look.

Along with the sisterships, these features give them high power and guarantee safety.

Hull Material

Expedition yacht hulls can either be made of steel, or a composite material.

Obviously, like with any other application, steel is much more solid and practical, because it can cut through layers of ice.

Yacht Hire in Dubai by Royal Yachts

Many of them also have enclosure decks, which can be heated from the inside. They provide maximum comfort levels in cold climates.

The enclosed deck gives the vessel a bulky look, especially when compared to another regular boat with an open deck.

The Part Played By The Features

Expedition yachts have to do a lot of the stuff land rovers will be expected to do on the ground.

They have to be built as solid as possible and deliver several features for safety and a smooth drive.

The features of the expedition yachts are very similar. They have to break through the ice, protect the people on board from the weather, and deliver all kinds of useful functionality.

One of these is safety, which is ensured not only by the hard and tough build of the vessel but also by the crew, which is much more experienced than a luxury boat crew.