Chauffeurs have the kind of training required to do a lot more than just take you from one place to another. The main claim to fame for the chauffeur is that the trips are not only safe, but luxurious and comfortable.

This means chauffeurs are not just people who stay behind the steering wheel, but also transport your luggage, open the doors, take a long or short route depending on your preference, and get you to place you want to go without the delays you would otherwise expect.

Chauffeurs can also be Drivers for events – The Driver where there are a lot of important guests in attendance, or foreign visitors coming to an occasion.


Drivers For Events

Only Your Preferences Matter

The main thing about drivers is, they are not completely at your disposal. When the driver works for you full-time, he or she will obviously have to care for the rest of the family, and in the case you called a car for hire from the airport, their inly job is to drop you there, and have you take the rest from there.

Chauffeurs on the other hand have the exclusive job of doing whatever you want on your trip. Thus, when headed to the airport, you want to make one last trip to get takeout from your favorite diner of coffee shop, this is when being driven around by a chauffeur makes all the difference.

Ride Comfort

For drivers, the most important choice is finally finishing the trip, and rushing through the trip as quickly as possible. Chauffeurs are different, mainly because while they place a priority on moving fast, they also have the duty to make sure the ride is comfortable and smooth.

Drivers And Chauffeurs

Status Symbol

Drivers are usually able to wear anything they please, which sometimes means they make bad dressing choices. Chauffeurs on the other hand are required to always dress in crisp and clean clothes, usually formal attire, along with gloves.

When this person stops the car and opens your doors for you, it definitely comes across as a huge mark of status and importance.

Expertise And Knowledge Of A Concierge

While drivers are well versed with the routes and the traffic on major roads, chauffeurs also double as a portable concierge.

This allows them to answer all your questions about the tourist hotspots in the city you are, take you to unique locations for sightseeing, take the best possible routes if you are visiting from abroad, and also advise on where to get the best food and cuisine.