Buy car battery in Dubai

If you wait until your car stops taking ignition is not the best time to go for visiting car battery shops in Dubai - 800-FLAT has researched that almost every person do that.

There are the chances that you just have to replace your car battery once or maximum twice throughout the life of the vehicle, mostly because it worn out or gets old due to repeated discharging and charging. Having a dead battery in your car is a real issue, especially if you are unable to find the jumper cables in your trunk or wait for quick roadside assistance.

We have created a guide for buying a car battery with smart strategies for replacement and ownership

Stay Proactive

It is always good to be attentive towards the overall maintenance of your vehicle so that when the time approaches for replacement you make sure to choose a better option on your own terms through convenient scheduling and proper researching.

Keep Testing Batteries Annually

It is good to have your battery checked by reliable technician or mechanic annually once it is 2 years old or more. Nearly all of the batteries in the markets nowadays are maintenance free but it is good have them check the climate of Dubai is warmer.

A Keep Your Driving Needs & Car in Mind

At the time of replacement, you have to ensure that the size of the battery you are selecting and the terminal location is correct for your vehicle. Checking the manual provided by owner or fitment guide in-store can come handy before shopping.

Battery-Life Test Results

Replacement car batteryIt is quite critical to find out especially if you are residing in a warmer climate. The high temperature of the UAE is quite harmful to the batteries as it may increase the plate corrosion and the electrolytes evaporate quickly which are necessary for current. If you make short trips which hinder the recharging time then long-life is difficult to achieve.

Ensure It’s a Fresh Battery

The strength of the batteries loses over time, even when you place them in storage. If you want an optimum performance, it is crucial to purchase the one which is not more than 6 months old. To find out the manufacturing date, you can check the numeric date or shipping code on the available case. Some companies also use a letter for the month such as A for January and number for the manufacturing year, such as 7 for 2017.

Remember that low water levels and improper fitting or installation of the battery can easily void the warranty.